The beauty of the interior depends a lot on the floor. A beautiful floor can make the interior eye-catching and attractive. Whether it is a home, office or any commercial space, the rugs can add to enhance the elegance of the indoor space. Walking on the well-decorative floor always gives a good feeling. The floor can look more charming and appealing with a rug. Just you need to pick the right rug and it can be something that will attract your visitors. Choosing the right has become confusing as there are a lot of rugs available. If you are going to purchase a new rug then you should have knowledge about the types of the rug.

Types of rugs

The basic information about the different types of rugs is as follows.

  • Wool

Wool is one of the richest materials used for rugs.  Wool rugs are very popular and they are loved by the majority of people. Wool is derived from sheep which means it is a natural fiber. Those who want to get a high level of softness under the feet always rely on wool rugs. The wool rugs are stain-resistant and easy to clean which makes them the best option for the high traffic area. The drawback of these rugs is that they do not perform well in damp conditions.

  • Cotton Rugs

If you have a tight budget and are looking for the best quality rugs then you can go with the cotton rugs. Cotton is a sustainable natural material and it can be proved as a perfect choice if any member in your family is suffering from allergy. These rugs are a suitable option for the area where you may sit. They come in different designs, patterns and styles, which offer versatility.

  • Silk Rugs

If you want to add a shiny element to the floor then you can install silk rugs. Silk rugs have a beautiful sheen and they are luxurious ones. These rugs have smooth and shiny texture but they are not durable. They can be installed in the low traffic area for the decorative purpose only.

  • Animal Skin Rugs

Animal skin rugs are unique and high-quality rugs that can bring out a natural and traditional feel to any room. Animal hide rugs are extremely durable and they can easily withstand daily wear and tear. They are soft and cozy rugs, which provide relaxation feeling to the feet. Like wool, animal rugs absorb moisture, so they are not a sensible option for the moisture areas.

  • Acrylic Rugs

The acrylic rug is a synthetic material rug, but it is most preferred among synthetic rugs due to no. of great benefits. Unlike other synthetic rugs, acrylic rugs do not cause allergies. If you need to cover a lot of space then you can go with acrylic because it is a cheap material. The drawback of this material is that it is less resistant to stains.

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