Bohemian and rustic both represent an old classic look. It is a combination of natural elements that create an amazing interior. There is a huge craze for rustic style interior in the present time. People love the warm and earthy feeling that it provides. When you decorate your house in a particular style, you need a theme to follow. Everything, from wall paint to chandeliers, everything needs to be in a theme.

Lighting plays a vital role in decorating the house as per your wish. Messing up with lights can mess up the entire interior. Therefore, you need to choose the lights carefully. To find the best modern lightings at an affordable price, then check out the Sofary online lighting store. They sell beautiful lights of the latest designs at a low price without any compromise in quality. From the regular lights to an amazing rustic chandelier lighting, they have it all. Further, they provide a free shipping service too. Hence, browse their official site now to save money.

Tips to Decorate Your House in Bohemian and Rustic Style:

To give an artistic finish to your bohemian house, you need to follow a few tips. Let us look at them below:

  • Colors:

To maintain a natural and warm look, always choose the basic colors for the walls. Add different types of patterns and textures to the walls. Give creative looks to the windows by using bamboo, colorful sheers, etc.

  • Concentrate on the minor detailing:

For an excellent bohemian look, you need to concentrate on the minor detailing too. Make sure to use the crystals, lampshades, costume fabrics, etc., correctly wherever required. Use fabrics like silk, brocade, and velvet for a luxury look. Perfectly placing the lampshades beside the bed can create magic.

  • Furniture:

Another important point that you need to focus on is the furniture. For a typical bohemian chic theme look, you must use vintage furniture with a few bold colors.

  • Rustic chandelier:

You cannot complete the overall interior without a chandelier. For creating an appealing and comfortable look, which matches the bohemian theme too, you must choose a rustic chandelier. Make sure to select the size and style of the chandelier that goes hand-in-hand with the overall interior.

  • Use multiple prints:

Never be afraid of using multiple colors. However, you must know how and where to use it correctly. To achieve a bohemian vibe, you need to use different shades of colors confidently. Further, you can add a Turkish rug to compliment the look.

  • Indoor plants:

Place funky indoor plants to create a lively environment. Adding plants will not only decorate the room but also fill it with natural warmth. It also keeps you connected with nature. Further, plants give a finishing touch to your bohemian theme.

The bohemian look provides a casual yet attractive look. For instance, you can place the mattress on the floor instead of a bed. Instead of modern materials, you will find more natural elements.

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