A traffic control plan is essential when any special occasion, construction, or maintenance tasks are undertaken on regularly used roads. The plan is devised to ensure proper safety among pedestrians and road maintenance workers alongside maintaining the traffic. 

What can happen if there is no traffic control plan?

A traffic control plan is crucial due to many reasons, one of the most common being the risk of increased accidents, where people can be hit by cars due to uncontrolled traffic. Accidents can also happen due to wrong information or driving signals provided at busy intersections, which fail to stop in time. Hence, the need for a traffic control plan comes in that contains proper signals and information about detouring or alternative routes for cars near the work zone. Having a traffic control plan can significantly reduce the chances of accidents and death toll.

What should a traffic control plan comprise?

Here’s all the information and signals that a proper traffic control plan should contain:

  • Detouring lanes and alternative routes near the work zone.
  • A clear indication of the vehicles that are allowed in the work zone.
  • Signs for pedestrians to help them avoid the work zone, giving them an alternative lane.
  • A proper sign for all vehicles to stop at intersections with barricades and stop signals.
  • Deploy law enforcement officers, flaggers, traffic guards, or volunteers to control the traffic at every intersection near the work zone.

Safety regulations for traffic control employees

There are also safety tips and regulations that workers at a traffic control site should follow. Following these tips would ensure their safety and the safety of other people. Here are some tips that they should always follow:

  • They should always wear reflective clothes, specifically in areas with low light. These clothes reflect after the lights of a vehicle fall on them, alerting the driver about the workers’ presence. They should also carry powerful torches or helmet flashlights.
  • Use signs or road cones to inform drivers about the open and usable lanes around the work zone. Ensure that these signs are properly visible from both sides for the safety of the vehicles and pedestrians.
  • If flaggers are not deployed, traffic control site workers must ensure that drivers follow the regulations mentioned in the work zone by law enforcement.

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