Common Problems And Mistakes With CCTV and How To Deal With Them  

CCTV installation in Singapore houses, business buildings, and private properties has grown standard because more people want security they can trust. Because camera surveillance has gone from a privilege to a necessity, crime rates continue to rise.

It’s the only way to keep criminals out of your property before entering it. If you want to keep burglars at bay, the best way is to have a well-installed CCTV camera system on your Singapore property.

However, although a CCTV offers convenience, you will likely run into problems when using high-end equipment from respected manufacturers. Many of the most common CCTV issues depend on the installation process and the types you choose.

To help you avoid dealing with panic once you experience a problem, here are the most common ones and how you can deal with them.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid During CCTV Installation?

1. Using low-quality resources

When setting up an access control system in Singapore, using low-quality and cheap items will negatively impact your CCTV system’s lifespan. It will place your safety and your family or workplace at risk. Once you install your system, it should be able to run for the required amount of time without any problems.

Make sure to look for a company that provides a high-quality CCTV camera system in Singapore. It will help you ensure that your money is worth what you paid for.

2. Faulty CCTV set-up

Unless you choose a CCTV installation in Singapore done by a professional, you will experience poor set-up. Expertise is essential in most circumstances for a successful security solution. Although DIY CCTV is cheaper, you might miss a step and fail to maximise your security over time.

3. Insufficient support

It’s possible to fix a minor problem with your CCTV system in Singapore, even with a manual to follow. However, a typical installation blunder is to purchase a CCTV without checking if it includes instructions on properly installing the system. Some problems may also need more support from an expert provider.

4. Selecting an overpriced CCTV system

Many homeowners purchase their CCTV system from companies in Singapore that only offer a few or a minimal selection of cameras. You might be buying CCTV that will only work for a short period and then troubleshoot after a few weeks.

As a result, you should look for a trusted supplier with a reliable CCTV and office door access system in Singapore. This way, you’ll be able to choose the plan that best meets your security requirements while also being within your budget.

5. Doing a DIY

Manually installing the CCTV camera is a huge mistake. To ensure that you install your CCTV camera correctly, you need to hire competent and experienced personnel with the appropriate training and equipment.

Common CCTV Problems and How To Solve Them




Footages with horizontal lines

Employees will have difficulty keeping track of essential locations when there are lines on the video clip. When you do a CCTV installation in your Singapore property, and this happens, one of the common causes is background illumination distortion and electronic noise.

Zero electrical light should be shining straight on the camera to fix this. You may also Look for signs of damage and ensure that the power cable has appropriate screening. A malfunctioning power supply can cause this.

1. General inefficiency

When it comes to an older CCTV system in Singapore, ordinary wear and tear is often a problem. Exterior cameras subjected to the sun’s direct rays may suffer damage over time.

If you have a CCTV with old features, you may need to upgrade as soon as possible. Look for a CCTV camera system with more functions or is more durable than the camera system you used before. Consider investing in more recent technology that can withstand the weather.

2. No WiFi or IP connectivity

No connection is also often a common problem with an automated access control system in Singapore. The internet is more reliable when using hardwiring, but you may have connection problems if you’re only using WiFi. When doing a CCTV installation, it could be by a lack of high-quality gear like signal routers.

If you encounter this issue, make sure the power is on, and everything is operating correctly if your CCTV system loses access. Resets of routers and modems are frequently effective ways to restore connectivity.

3. Complete black images

DVR boxes and monitoring applications may not be receiving video signals if your CCTV camera does not show any images and all you see is a black screen.

You may need to make sure there are no barriers such as trees. If using a CCTV camera, check if it meets the ambient illumination requirements. If this doesn’t work, restart your camera after turning it off.

4. Systems of recording that do not work together

Depending on the type of CCTV system you buy from a Singapore supplier, there are different recording systems today. Depending on where you live, you’ll either have one or another. You’ll know right away if you try to use a system that won’t work.

When purchasing a product, you must do it with caution and do a test run first.

5. Wrong colour scheme

Are you experiencing a black and white colour? To fix this image from your CCTV cameras, only use tried-and-true suggestions.

To test if the problem persists, relocate the security camera to a different area. You may also check to determine if the IR lights operate by manually turning them on and off several times.

6. Poor coverage

When you do a CCTV installation in your Singapore home, It’s not just about protecting the access points but also every vulnerable area that needs security. When available, upgrade your camera to a better model. FPS (frames per second) measures how fast a camera can capture images. Cameras with better night vision, connectivity, or operating systems can benefit you in the long run.

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