Check-Raise used in this way will also make your opponent think twice before putting their money in the pot. In this way, you will also decrease the number of hands with which your opponent takes advantage of a good position at the table to take pot.

  • With this move used to increase profits with good hands, you will force opponent to make mistakes watching your raise with bad hands or even win more than one all-in when your opponent has the second best hand on the table ( losing against the best that in this case would be yours).
  • Check-Raise with a winning hand is really effective when multiple people are involved, so you could triple or even quadruple your money.

Finally, you must remember that Check-Raise is a really powerful move that can make your opponent stop bluffing and even drop hands or not bet with relatively strong hands. If you have the best possible hand, you should be careful not to overreact and bet more than is convenient, causing your opponent to abandon the hand before placing all the money in “your” pot.

Poker Betting: The Over-Bet

Let’s take a look at bandarq, a move that consists of forcing the opponent to abandon the fight for the pot when you bluff or to get more profit when you have the best cards. This move is also known for “buying the pot” and it is absolutely essential to have it among your weapons when playing poker.

Understanding overbetting properly will help you win many more pots, even when you don’t have the best hand. Now and as we always do, we are going to show you this movement in more depth by answering a series of questions.

What is overbetting?

 Simply put, talking about overbetting is about betting a really unusual amount of chips in relation to the pot at stake. It is generally considered an overbet as long as it exceeds the amount accumulated in the pot.

Why is it used?

 In some cases your opponent could check or call a normal bet, but would abandon the hand if the bet is excessive, this fact is a good way to take pots and increase the winnings.

Where do you see the overbet?

The best scenario to overbet is when playing with large stacks of chips (deep stacks) as you can make large bets compared to the size of the pot.

When is it done?

Even when the overbet can be made on any of the streets, it is really common to overbet on the river.

How to overbet? 

Depending on the situation, overbetting can be used as a powerful bluffing tool or as a trick move to get the opponent to see the bet with a losing hand. As you can see, this movement is very versatile and can be used in various situations with the same efficiency, so it is extremely important to understand the movement well and know at all times why this “big” bet is being made.


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