Cannabis needs certain conditions in order to maintain its quality and not lose its taste and texture. Whether it’s a joint that you want to store or whether it’s dried flower buds, all canna strains will eventually lose all their potency and strength and flavor when stored in holders that have a smell of their own. Which is why what you need are high-quality joint holders custom made at firms like Hush Kush. Some of the benefits of such cannabis pouches are listed below. Have a look!

  1. They are Odor Free

One of the best things about each and every Hush Kush joint holder is that they are all made with the help of beeswax Perma technology. Which means they do not have a smell of their own. Thus, unlike many other pouches in the market, a hush kush pouch will never interfere or mix with the natural fragrance of your cannabis. 

  1. They are Waterproof

Cannabis reacts very badly to moisture, humidity, and water. These conditions are a nightmare for adventurers who like to carry their joints to treks and hikes. It is for the benefit of all such weed lovers that Hush Kush ensures that all their bags and pouches are waterproof. So, the next time you’re out for an adventure, you can keep your joints, vapes, as well as pipes in hush kush bags to keep them safe from rains and humidity. 

  1. They are Portable

The pure leather cannabis pouches by this firm are lightweight; hence, too easy to carry. 

In fact, they are foldable. Every single pouch is designed to hold 5 joints together. However, you can always use the strings to fold the pouch if you’re carrying less number of joints. 

Precisely, whether you want it big or would like to make it compact, you have all the options to do what you prefer. 

  1. They are Washable

The factor that makes Hush Kush pouches so economical is that they can be washed and reused. They can even last for a year when you keep them clean and wash them lightly under tap water with hands after turning them inside out. 

  1. They are Biodegradable

All Hush Kush products are eco-friendly. They do not generate any waste that can harm the environment since they are biodegradable. Thus, you can buy and use them guiltlessly as an environment lover. 

These are the 5 features that make Hush Kush bags worth your money. You can explore their entire collection of pouches now.

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