When it comes to pool pumps, you must have heard the name ‘Bestway’. Ops, who am I talking to? You already have a pool pump of Bestway and you are having some problems with it. So you are here. But, if not, you can read our Bestway pool reviews to find out a suitable pool cleaner for you.

Anyway, Bestway pool pump users normally don’t face a lot of problems. And most of the maintenance problems are easy to solve. In this brief article, I’ll give quick solutions to the top 5 problems with Bestway pumps. So keep reading.

  1. The Bestway Pump is not turning on, or it turns off while working
  • If your pool doesn’t turn on or shut down after starting, then it is most likely an electrical problem. Check the breaker box for any blown fuse, make sure there is no connection loose and damage.
  • If the motor overheats and stops after it’s started, it could be because of an overloaded circuit – first, make sure the voltage is right for your motor and check the motor’s vent that the fan works properly.
  • If the motor shaft isn’t rotating – verify the debris is not jamming the motor.
  • If the pump turns on but is not running at full steam and making a sound like a screeching hyena, then check the capacitor.
  1. The Pool Pump runs but the water flow is low

The problem may be because of interruptions in its suction or water flow. It could be because something is blocking its way, the pool filter is dirty or too much air is sucked inside the system.  To solve this –

  • If something is blocking the pump’s suction: Check the filter gauges, if it’s above 10psi of normal reading, then clean the filter. This will reduce the pressure of the pump and reset the water flow. And, last, check the basket and impeller for debris.
  • If there is too much air in the system: This may come through the skimmer. First, your pool water level should not be too low. Also, make sure your skimmer basket is clear and there is no debris. Last, check if any leakage on O-rings.
  1. The Pool Pump is leaking.

The mostly leaking parts are O-rings in the impeller housing, the thread sealant, or the shaft seal. You need to seal those leaking parts or replace them.

  • To find out leaks on o-rings, bend o-ring all around and search for fracture. If you find out any kind of fracture, that means it’s dried out, and you need to replace them.
  • If there are no damaged o-rings, apply o-ring lube to make a better seal and increase the longevity of your o-ring.
  1. The pump is sucking too much Air in

Are there air bubbles in your pool? If yes, it means the suction side of your pump is sucking air. There are some reasons it is happening –

  • The water level of pool is too low
  • The strainer pot lid is loose or its o-ring is damaged or loose or absent or sometimes compressed because of pressure.
  • There could be a crack in your pump as well.
  • The joint of the valves and the pump isn’t tight or their o-ring is loose.

Those are the parts where air can be sucked into your pump. Seal them properly. And make sure your pool water level is higher than the skimmer or the skimmer will suck empty air.

  1. The pump became noise

There is always a grumblings sound when you are running a pump. It is fine, and you may already become comfortable with that. But it is the pump making an excessive sound that becomes a problem. Because that could mean there are problems with different pump parts.

  • If your pump makes more noise than usual, it likely means the bearings are worn out. Replace it to fix this problem. For that, you need to hire a professional.
  • This problem also could be from debris entering the pump housing. For that, you may need to disassemble the pump to clear out debris.

Final Verdict

After trying many solutions, there are chances that your cleaner is still not working. In that case, your pump may be close to dying. A well-made pump can last for 8-10 years. But sometimes they die earlier than estimated.

However, if you still have problems and are not feeling confident doing all those kinds of stuff yourself, call a professional.

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