Judiciary Services examination is an entry-level exam for law graduates to become subordinate judiciary.

The State governments which are under the supervision of high courts appoint members of lower Judiciary based on the competitive examination.

The Judiciary exam is commonly known as PCS(J). It is an abbreviation for the Provincial Civil Service Judicial Examination.

In this article, you will get to know about the Strategy to crack the judiciary exam in 2021.

The Judiciary exams are generally conducted in three stages. The first stage of the Judiciary exams is the preliminary stage. The preliminary examination consists of Multiple choice questions.

The second stage of the Judiciary exams is the Mains examination. The mains examination is a written examination in which subjective types of questions are asked.

The third and final stage of Judiciary exams is the personal interview. The personal interview helps to evaluate the interpersonal skills, personality and decision-making skills of the Candidate.

Position of the judge is one of the most superior and respected posts as per the Indian legal system.

There are two levels in the judiciary Services. First is the lower judicial service for fresher graduates and the second level is Higher Judicial services for the practising lawyers.

There are in total 20 states’ judiciary which every year conducts judicial service exams to recruit the candidates for different judiciary posts.

Strategy for Judiciary preparation in 2020

  • Understanding the Syllabus and the pattern of the Judiciary Exam

Before starting Judiciary Preparation it is very important that the candidate should go through the complete Syllabus and Pattern of the judiciary Exam. It will help you to know what to study and what not to study so that you can make a Perfect Strategy for the judiciary preparation.

  • Effective Time Management

To score maximum marks it requires Perfect Planning and Time management.

Time Management is very important while preparing for any competitive examination. You have to devote equal time to each subject. Time management will help you to do Effective Study during your Judiciary Preparation.

  • Regular Revision of Judiciary Syllabus

It is very necessary to revise all the concepts regularly which will help you to retain the topics and concepts for a longer period and helps to score good marks in the exam.

Revision is basically a Re-Visualization of all the concepts you learnt before, which help to score maximum marks.

  • Practice more judiciary Mock Test Series

Judiciary Mock Test is an Effective tool during your judiciary preparation for the exam which will help you to measure your preparation and improve it accordingly. It helps in performance Analysis.

Judiciary Mock Test helps you to build a positive mindset and boosts your confidence.

Toprankers also provide Bihar judiciary Mock Test series which helps students to boost their judiciary Preparation and score good marks in the examination.

Bihar Judiciary Mock test series helps to do a detailed analysis of their performance and identify the weak points.

Bihar Judiciary Mock Test Series helps to improve your speed and accuracy and gives you an experience of the Real-time exam environment.

  • Solving Previous years Question papers

Previous year question papers of the judiciary give you an idea about the types of questions that are generally asked in the exam.

It helps you to overview the different types of questions and their weightage of each and every topic.



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