Rum could be a form of alcohol distilled from sugar cane. It’s been consumed for hundreds of years as a result of it are an alcoholic drink which will be obtained cheaply and in bulk, creating it traditionally appealing to supply on tiny islands with few resources.

Whereas it’s true that rum’s supply material should derive from sugar cane, alternative limitations don’t essentially apply: standards are solely set by the product’s country of origin. Luckily I had all kinds of rooms at the liquor store near me. As a result of the class lacking similar restrictions as a Bourbon or whiskey, it’s no surprise that rum has evolved to be one among the foremost versatile spirits within the world.

This liquor usually contains 40 % alcohol by volume (80 proof), however strengths vary at completely different stages as they’re refined till the ultimate product reaches its desired state such as dark rum.  Let’s discuss a way to have the most effective drinking expertise once rum, together with what kinds of food and drink combine well with it.

1. Steak + Aged Rum

When it comes to meaty dishes, we’ll know the first drink that comes to our mind is rum. You can say that steak and rum are best when it comes to cooking. The grilled and smoky taste enhances the aged rums taste.

Steak + Aged Rum
Image Credits: Pixabay
Grilled Steak with Sauces Brugal Extra Dry
Steak Pasta Calypso Spiced Rum.
Grilled Double Smashed Burger Spiced Cuba Libre

2. Club Soda + Dark-Spiced Rum

Looking for summer fun? Here we’re with one of the best, club soda and spiced rum combo. How does this sound? So start with squeezing pulpy lemons and a glass of spiced rum, bringing perfect coolness to your summer meals.

Club Soda + Dark-Spiced Rum
Image Credits: Pixabay
Schweppes Tom Collins
Fever-Tree Premium Paloma
Lemons/Limes Classic Rum

3. Cheese + Rum

I’m not certain of many things in life but one thing I can be certain of is that nothing can ever go wrong with cheese. Cheese and Rum are one of the most popular pairings. Most delicious combo is grilled cheese sandwich and rum which is a bit fun in the world of fast food. Some people also love loaded fries with rum, yummy though. Or you can enjoy pizzas at home.

Cheese + Rum
Image Credits: Pixabay
Aged Gouda Rum Old Fashioned
Sweeter Cheese Gold Rum
Cheese Fondue St. Lucia Rum

4. Threesome – Steak + Chocolate + Rum

As we know rum works pretty well with steak. And nothing is better than chocolate at making amazing pairing when it comes to food, no matter what it is. So what’s wrong in combining all together and creating a yummylicious threesome that you’ll crave for long after trying?

Threesome - Steak + Chocolate + Rum
Image Credits: Pexels
Grilled Steak Dark Chocolate Cuban Rums
Smoky Saucy Steak or Pasta Steak Milk Chocolate with hazelnuts Cuneesi al Rum
Salisbury Steak Gianduia St Abbs Six spice

5. Chicken + Rum

I think the most recommended pair will be this one, as everyone must have tried this once and loved it. Chicken grilled, Chinese or Korean, everything will work out with Rum. I prefer spicy flavored chicken dishes because of the tanginess they bring to the umami flavors. You must know what to drink with chicken.

Chicken + Rum
Image Credits: Pixabay
Guava BBQ Chicken Wings Angostura
Jerk Chicken Bites Rum Glazed Pineapple
Chicken Cacciatore Calypso Spiced Rum

6. Red Meat + Rum

One of the most delicate and premium combos that you can ever try is grilled lamb and a dish of red meat with such flavor that enhances the texture and smoothness of your Rum.
To improvise the taste further you can garnish potatoes, lettuce and roasted onions/tomatoes. I personally garnish everything to get an infused texture and aroma.

Red Meat + Rum
Image Credits: Pixabay
Grilled Fillet of Beef Jamaican Rum Glaze
Meat steak and fried potatoes Rum sauce
Instant Pot Meatloaf Flor de Caña

7. Greens + Rum

I know many of you are not going to be a fan of this but I must mention that those who do enjoy greens, salads will love to experience this one. You can make your salad interesting by adding roasted chicken with your green pals like sunflower seeds, cucumber etc. I hope you enjoy this combo too as it is really healthy.

Greens + Rum
Image Credits: Pexels
Veggie Salad 10 Year Old Rum. Don Papa
Russian Salad Clement VSOP Rhum
Salad with Roasted Chicken Bites Ron Zacapa

8. Fish + Rum

Who can miss this one? I guess no one did or will after this. If you want to delight yourself with an excellent meal with exceptional taste choose fish or fish centered meals which will bring variety to your meal and rum options as well. This culinary experience will open more cuisine and drink journeys.

Fish + Rum
Image Credits: Pexels
Lemon-Roasted Salmon Escarole, Asparagus, and Potatoes Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
Fried Whole Fish Tomatillo Sauce Bacardi Gold Rum
Fish Milanese Cucumber Ceviche Facundo

9. Pineapple

The delicious rice bowl historically is a recent raw product, however put layers of smoky flame – grilled pineapple and it will be ready to be best partnered with rum.

Try selecting the premium Rums like Bokkos Roble further Añejo and Ron Roble   extremist Añejo for pairing as a result of there’s nothing like drinking nice   and   ingesting delicious food.


Image Credits: Pixabay
Pineapple Curry Richland
Piña colada tart Flor de Caña
Grilled Pineapple Mount Gay

My advice for you or anyone will be to try all these pairings, you can choose different times or mood though. But once you’ve tried it all, you’ll step on to the next level for exploring.

You can try many more pairings depending on your taste and situation. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to food and drink pairing. Rums even vary from dark to dry with flavors like gold, spicy and many more.

Drinking rum is simple because it can be enjoyed in whatever way you like but to remember such experiences is happy tasting!

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