Why you should evaluate your grinding needs

Have you ever thought you had packed the perfect bowl only to realise your herb was ground so finely that it obstructed the airflow and led to a torched bowl? Or ground such large pieces that the bowl was immediately torched and rendered useless? Then you understand the need for a perfect grind, every time. The only way to ensure a consistently perfect, fluffy grind is with a high-quality grinder. There are many different metrics that can be used to determine the quality of a grinder, including design and engineering, quality of components, and overall performance. When considering an upgrade in your grinding system, it is important to evaluate all criteria that might come in handy for your specific situation. Can it grind up to an ounce of herb at a time? Is it designed with the user in mind? Are the materials the highest possible quality (aircraft grade aluminum) and has a good company customer service and replacement policy. There is a whole world of grinders, each with their own area of merit, but with the right testing and research it is possible to find the best grinder for you and your needs.

How to tell if a grinder is high quality or just expensive

It is so important to be able to recognize a good grinder from a cheaply made, expensive, grinder. Try to find an electric dry herb grinder that uses high-quality parts, like aircraft-grade aluminum. These materials are able to withstand higher tension and shear and are more likely to hold up in the long run. Equipment with no clear design history is a red flag – a company should be able to tell you who designed the grinder, why they designed it, and who manufactures for them. Be wary of companies that seem to pop up out of nowhere or seem to only exist on cheap substitute sites. These often steal images from legitimate designers and only send you a replica made of questionable materials.

The end result of an effective grind

Grinding your herb is a nuanced process. Grind your bud too fine, and you can end up with clogged airflow holes or torched bowls. Grind too coarsely, and your airflow will be too great, resulting in a loss of valuable oils, potency, and aromas. Unfortunately, manual grinders rely on the user to get a good grind, and if you are inexperienced, not paying attention, or it just isn’t your thing, it is very easy to ruin perfectly good bud with a lackluster grind. In order to get the perfect grind, every time, most bud enthusiasts have turned their backs on manual grinders and opted instead for a more advanced handheld electric grinder to get the most out of their herb experience.

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