We talk a lot about the bad things that depression brings to the individual’s life, but some attitudes can be highly optimistic, which helps treat those who have already received this diagnosis.  

Treating depression is not a very easy process; ups and downs happen very often. In addition, because it is a highly debilitating disease, recovery often depends on the presence and help of friends and family.

Then write down some other things that, in addition to treatment, can help in this process!

  • Try to express yourself.

We live in a society that little encourages or teaches us about the expression of our emotions; on the contrary, how many of us don’t hear: “swallow your tears,” “how ugly everyone is looking at you,” “stop being silly, it’s nothing” and so on.

All this in the long term has been harming us and a lot; after all, expressing ourselves is fundamental and, especially at this moment, it will help you. Try to put it into words or use creative writing to your advantage.

  • Try to sleep well

Part of specialized care focuses on maintaining sleep, so sleeping well is necessary. A good night’s sleep can change the way you face your day tomorrow, so avoid alcoholic drinks, weighty foods, avoid energy drinks and caffeine, turn off the TV, leave your phone at a distance and try to maintain a sleep routine with times to lie down as well as a time to get up.

  • Try to practice physical activities.

Physical activities are a strong helper, as their benefits reduce the suffering caused by depression, helping in self-esteem and improving energy.

The best thing is that you can invest in some collective sport, so you will be able to socialize and reintegrate into society, but we understand that this movement can be complex and if it is not possible to start physical activity at home. Today many video materials allow us to do such exercises in the comfort of our home. But leave open the possibility of the collective, for the moment when it is ready.

  • Stay close to family and friends.

This is one of the most critical pillars in improving depression; that is, we need people we trust to be on our side and help us in this process. Doing it together is very difficult; doing it alone is terrible. Remember, you are not alone; some people care about you, even though it now seems complicated to believe it.

  • Try to meditate

Meditation has been a widely used tool in improving depression; it allows us to have a deeper contact with our thoughts and that consequently, we can make sense of them. Try to start with gradual times, especially if you find yourself a little more restless, and gradually increase the time. Our thoughts are our great source of power, capable of doing us very well or destroying us, so taking care of them is fundamental.

  • Search for things that please you

Doing things that can give you pleasure is highly beneficial for this process, that is, if you like plants invest in caring for them, if you like handicrafts, look for something in that sense, if you like to write, invest time in that, because being close to things that give you pleasure distance you from things that can do you harm!

And without fear of being repetitive, keep your treatment with both a psychologist and a psychiatrist; neglecting this treatment will not provide you with a process of improvement. Depression is a disease, and it needs to be seen and cared for as such. 

Drugs like Phenelzine from the MOA inhibitors can be used too.

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