Just as everyone should test, they should also run the best campaigns on other platforms. Let’s say you’re testing an ad on Facebook and you’ve come to a “golden egg.” You know the keywords, the ad text, as well as the audience. This ad is profitable for you. This is exactly the time when you try to set up the same ad, for example on Twitter, Instagram (which is part of an FB ad) or Google Adwords. With all the parameters of the ad already tested from Facebook, it will be easy for you.

You can use this method in any ad source, but be sure to test and test. It is better to start small and gradually grow than to be busy with more poorly functioning campaigns.


Affiliate programs are usually great for learning, testing and making money. A significant part that few people use is tracking codes. Test where your visitors should go.

Relying on data that someone provides you is not completely trustworthy, moreover, it is difficult for anyone to tell you specific data. These are usually the subject of trade secrets.

The solution is therefore to have your own weapon in the form of measuring codes. For example, you can ask your campaign manager to install Facebook Pixel. If the visitor goes to your site, monitor his activity, from which button he got to the offer, etc. Do not limit yourself and get data that you will then use to improve the offer and advertising.

Start with a small budget

The worst thing you can do is do everything in a hurry. By that is meant throwing away a lot of money and giving it up, saying that it doesn’t work. Putting thousands, tens of thousands into advertising and then hoping is a completely useless thing.

Instead, start with a smaller one. Start with a small budget and gradually improve over time. For example, if you are testing a Facebook ad, start with $ 100 a day. Analyze your results after a day – which audience and ad placement worked best?

Gradually improve your advertising and increase your budget as soon as you feel it’s delivering results. As you visit https://seanabbottmarketing.com/evergreen-wealth-formula-review-scam/ you will be able to know how you can make sure of best earnings with Evergreen Wealth Formula.

Ask for higher commissions

If you are a small affiliate marketer, you will be one of the most affiliate in the program being with the majority means having the same conditions as the majority.

However, if you start to stand out, you can ask for better conditions. For example, if you bring quality visitors who buy through your link and you are at the top of the rankings, you are no longer an ordinary affiliate, a small fish.

Suddenly you have the opportunity to request more favorable conditions. For example, you can request higher commissions. Commission programs usually have a reserve in commissions and if you can justify and say about better conditions, there is no reason not to satisfy you. The only condition is to have a reason.

Create your own product or service

The last tip for success in affiliate marketing is not to rely on affiliate marketing forever. This means looking at new ways to expand your revenue and multiply your business. One of the best ways is to improve from the position of a creator. Come with your own product or service. For a seasoned affiliate, for example, it can be an ebook, an online course or mentoring.

How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

As you can see, here are a few things to consider if you are trying to make money as an affiliate partner. The most common ways to make more money are usually the ones you already know. However, you either didn’t implement them or you didn’t multiply them properly.

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