A Historical flashback and the Architectures of Virtual Private Networks

In this article we are going to go back and experience a historical flashback or Virtual Private Networks as well as explore the architecture technology behind them.

Virtual Private Networks are nowadays a modern and evolving field and find application mainly in large companies but also in cases of remote user access in order to meet their communication needs. 

The classic private networks are based on leased lines where their costs are important. The VPNs solution tries to resolve this problem since public infrastructure is now being used, with the benefits of this entails in terms of costs. In addition, it continues to the safety and reliability of leased lines is provided.

In general, Virtual Private Networks technology brings together many advantages, most notably lower costs and flexibility in management.

The precise definition of a Virtual Private Network is “a private network built using the existing infrastructure of a public network, such as the Internet or the provider’s existing network’. The term ‘private network’ means that only authorised authorities have access to it Users. 

The term ‘virtual network’ means that network connections are ideal, in the sense that the data sent between two users may follow a different route each time until they reach their destination.

The creation of a VPN may be based on the IP protocol, where the information to be transmitted is formed into IP packets and transmitted to the IP network (Figure 1). An IP VPN (the most common in the case of Virtual Private Networks) is a network connection which on the part of users behaves as if it were a private connection, although a shared connection is used in a network infrastructure (shared communication infrastructure) for the making the connection. 

In addition, the implementation of Virtual Private Networks may be based on ATM technologies (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), Frame Relay or MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching).


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