Leather upholstery furniture looks sophisticated, making it an ideal choice for living spaces and office settings. Have you ever tried shopping for leather upholstery on your own? If so, you must know how difficult it is to choose the right one as all leather upholstery types are not created equal. There is a huge range of sturdiness, texture, sophistication, and quality between all types of leather upholstery available in the market.

Before choosing leather upholstery for your furniture, it’s good to have a knowledge of different types of leather to make the right decision.

We’ve put together some of the best types of leather upholstery so that you can choose the one that fits best your budget and preferences.

  1. Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather upholstery is the most authentic & expensive type you can buy. This is obtained by just removing the hairs from animal hide and soaking them in a natural dye. As it doesn’t require additional treatment, it retains the texture and feel of the natural hide. Full grain is the purest type of leather upholstery and this is why it is a bit pricier than all the other types. You may find it harder and tough initially, but it softens with time.

  1. Top Grain Leather

Top-grain leather upholstery is also a good choice for furniture but requires a little more polishing than full-grain. As it goes through a buffing process, It is much softer than full-grain leather.

  1. Split Grain Leather

Split leather is produced from the fibrous part of the hide left when the upper portion of the rawhide is separated. Even though this type of upholstery is the least expensive, it is harder and more difficult to maintain.

  1. Bonded Leather

Are you looking for high-quality leather upholstery at affordable pricing? Bonded leather is what you should consider. It gives your furniture a wonderful look.

  1. Nubuck Leather

You can consider Nubuck as a buffed and sanded-down version of full-grain leather. This kind of leather upholstery is known for its fragility, softness, and velvet-like feel.

  1. Bi-Cast Leather

Bi-cast leather also known as PU leather is manufactured by bonding a thick polyurethane coating to a composite leather substrate or a split-hide leather. Even though it looks like a top-grain, it is the least expensive. However, bi-cast leather upholstery can peel and crack with time. Therefore, knowing the differences between top-grain leather and bi-cast leather is very important before making a purchase.

  1. Faux Leather

If you are looking for something that has a natural feel and looks of the leather without using animal hides, look no further than faux leather.  This kind of upholstery looks great.

When it comes to choosing furniture upholstery, quality and durability are strong considerations. Leather upholstery, without any doubt, is a great option to upholster your furniture with, and for many good reasons. It looks luxurious and is very easy to clean and maintain. So, always keep price, design, durability, and quality in mind when shopping for leather upholstery for your furniture.

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