As you may or may not notice, time is passing by quickly. Years ago, your parents still had black hair, but now their hair slowly turns white. Time is tricky because it makes life so unpredictable. So, the best thing to do is live in the present and appreciate the people around you.

However, most people don’t know how to show their love. They may ask themselves: Do I need to send them encouraging messages every day? Do I need to give them expensive gifts? Well, showing your love doesn’t have to be complicated. You can show your love through simple actions like sending get well soon flowers or a birthday bouquet in Singapore.

Why flowers? Flowers make the world more meaningful and beautiful. It’s a nature’s gift that everyone can use to adore and to send love. If you want to show your love, let this article guide you to pick the perfect flowers from an online florist in Singapore for any occasion.

How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Any Occasion

Flowers come in different shapes, sizes, colours, meanings, formations, etc. Flowers are versatile, which means they are for any occasion. That’s why it can be confusing for first-time buyers to pick the perfect flowers because of the various choices. For sure, you don’t want to give sad-looking flowers like a condolence wreath to someone who’s celebrating life milestones.

So, here are some tips to follow when planning to send someone flowers  for any occasion:


1) For Birthday Flowers

Birthdays are the most typical celebration in human life because everyone celebrates them. Each year you grow older as well as your loved ones. Hence, give them some birthday bouquets to let them know that you’re by their side. Indeed, finding true friends is one of the greatest treasures. So, be there when celebrating their birthday every year.

After all, a birthday symbolises resilience through time, and it also shows that you survive yet another year of challenges and obstacles. Yes, you can also give flowers to yourself to appreciate your efforts. It may feel less impactful but giving flowers to oneself may also improve your self-confidence.

So, send birthday bouquets that look vibrant to know that life is full of celebrations, even your little reasons like adding a year to your age.


2) For Mother’s and Father’s Day

Parents fill a unique role in our lives, including people who stand as parent figures to us. When the mother’s and father’s day celebrations are fast approaching, make sure to give them flowers from an online florist in Singapore. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be grand or extravagant. You only have to look for a meaningful flower.

To do this, look for flower bouquets that are bright and lively. You can choose colourful flowers such as roses, lilies, daisies to show love for your parents. The flowers have to look celebratory for the mother’s and father’s day celebrations.

You can also talk with your online florist if they can offer customised flower arrangements. You can add some message cards to write a thank you note along with the flowers. With this, it can feel more personal and meaningful.


3) For Getting Well Soon

Since the pandemic started, there have been many people you may know who got sick. Everyone is now dealing with a health crisis due to COVID-19. You’ll also hear someone say: “Oh, did you know your friend got hospitalised?” It became the norm, and we got accustomed to these situations. So, as a thoughtful person, it’s better to show your care by sending some “get well soon” flowers.

To choose flowers for who you want to wish well, look for a non-fragrant or menial fragrance because it may cause an allergic reaction. You can get tulips, gladioli, or irises for the flower arrangement. When choosing to “get well soon” flowers, you should also look vibrant and colourful to uplift their spirits.

Another thing to consider is the location of your recipient. Is your friend at the hospital or home recuperating? There are appropriate flowers for such a location to send a clear message. If in the hospital choose flowers that are non-allergic, while at home, you can be more creative by asking about the favourite flowers of your friends or family.



4) For Condolences/Sympathy Flowers

You may accept it, or not but death is inevitable. That’s why most people say to cherish the people around you when they’re alive. As mentioned above, getting sick is a common occurrence during the pandemic. And, unfortunately, to say, some passed away because of the health crisis. If a friend loses a loved one, you may send them a condolence wreath from Singapore to soothe their feelings.

Since they are in the grieving stage, it’s more appropriate to send flowers that are not too bright. You can choose calming colours like white, light purple, or blue. A condolence wreath can also be a sympathy flower, so make sure your message is clear when sending them one.

Also, it would help if you considered the religion and culture of your recipient. For instance, some cultures like Jewish may not accept flowers as part of the funeral tradition. Better ask the recipient before sending them to give your support.


5) For Thank You/ Congratulations Followers

There are many reasons to say thank you and congratulations to a person. It doesn’t have to be a grand life milestone. For some, surviving day by day is already an achievement. You can also say congratulations because a friend just got a new job. You can also say thank you for minor reasons. For instance, your dad cooked you a meal, or your mom washed your clothes. Life becomes memorable because of the small things we do every day.

Hence, it’s better to send some flowers if you want to make someone’s day special. Another benefit of sending flowers is that they are for everyone regardless of gender, social status, or age. All you have to do is find an online florist in Singapore that can help you customise your flowers, so send a thank you and congratulatory bouquets.

Cherish each occasion with Flowers and Kisses, an online florist in Singapore that offers a birthday bouquet, get well soon flowers, and condolence wreath. Visit their website to find the perfect flowers for any occasion.


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