Are you Tired of looking around for gifts and sweet shops, asking the shopkeeper – what to purchase for your family and friends, and still struggling with the exact-year-old matter of what to purchase this Diwali?

Diwali is that happy period where we enhance our home decor, wear fresh out of the box new clothes, go over the edge with purchasing delightful sweet, not just for gifting but to treat own taste buds as well. It is the celebration that is exceptionally being waited for the whole year. Nonetheless, the sole quandary which delivers so many tiring and disappointing questions during this celebration – What to buy for beloved friends and lovely family members?

‘I would prefer not to purchase the customary Diwali Gift Boxes from the nearby store’ – yet we end up with those because of the trouble and time taking the process of gift choices for individuals.

Well, to save you from all this trouble, here is the list of Diwali gifts for friends and relatives –

Diwali Lights/ Decoration/ Diyas

Why not gift someone something which they really need at that time particularly and save them the time and money to bundle up on the Diwali decorations and lights. Some beautiful hanging diyas, aarti thali, if they are spiritual then the statue of god idols and many more like these. Order all this the comfort of your home, in just a few clicks.

Homemade sweets/ chocolates

Homemade sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Kaju Katli, etc. are our local Indian delicacies, which one simply can’t resistible. So, this Diwali, go for the homemade desi ghee sweets or delicious chocolates. It will take up a little it of your time, but it will all be worth it when you see the smiles on your beloved one’s faces.

Pooja boxes!

If your beloved ones are big on spiritual stuff like pooja and all, then this will prove to be a great gift for them – A Pooja Box. Pick up stuff like pooja thali, roli chawal, tilak, some flower petals, and give it your best shot to make a perfect Diwali pooja box.

Air Purifier plants

As we all are aware that during Diwali, many choose to burst crackers, which leads to air pollution; nowadays, the rate has been reducing, but still, some do, and that causes real harm to the air quality. So, this time go for something practical and great gift like air purifying plants. And to make them more charming, you can get the vases personalised.

Feng Shui Three Golden Owls for Good Luck and Decoration

Don’t feel like giving those common Diwali gifts every year? Don’t worry; we are here to look out for you and your gift choices! This feng shui product with three golden owls representing good luck and an astonishing improvement for home decor is your saviour. This present will be appreciated by your family and friends, for sure.

So, these were some of the unusual and thoughtful gifts that you can go for this Diwali and make your beloved ones feel great. Also, these will make you happy too as they bring a smile to your close ones’ faces.

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