Photography has grown in leaps and bounds over the past two centuries. Technology has really simplified life for everyone. Imagine if you had to a sit down for hours on end waiting for someone to draw a portrait of yourself? Portraits of children would be nigh impossible and family portraits just unimaginably difficult. However, the advent of digital cameras has totally changed the photography landscape and photo competitions make things even easier for budding photographers as far as exposure and learning is concerned. 

Which path should you take? 

You are starting out as a photographer and are totally confused by the innumerable options that are available for your exploration. First, it is worth mentioning that there is no right photography field that is better than the other. If you are talented, you can rack up some good coin from the trade. With that said, here are some of the highest paying jobs for photographers: 

  • Freelance photography 

Practitioners in this field are not limited to any specific genre. Often, they will be in fashion, family, product and even wedding photography. Freelance photographers as freelancers in just about any other field demonstrate impressive versatility. You can take up any kind of photography assignment you fancy and get paid directly by your clients.  Fan Art Review offers a platform to freelance photographers (and pretty much all types of photographers) to showcase their work through expertly curated photo contests. 

  • Fashion photography 

You have seen these photographers on Victoria Secret runways, America’s Next Top Model and other fashion TV shows. Fashion photographers are paid ridiculously heft amounts of money. It is also one of the most common submissions in photo competitions. The best thing about fashion photography is that there is a lot of freedom in your creativity, but it is a hard field to penetrate because of its highly competitive nature. 

  • Product photography 

Marketing is one of those parts of business that will never stop running. Companies can sell off production plants and layoff people, but they will still invest in marketing activities and product photography is an integral bit of this. It may seem like such as a trivial job, but it is will bring in a decent amount depending on the project. 

  • Medical photography 

It seems like everything that has to do with medicine has money. Medical photography is however not as cute as the others abovementioned. You may find yourself taking ‘bloody’ photos in the literal sense of the word. It is also a skill that takes quite a significant amount of time and talent to hone. There are photo contests for medical photographers as well. 

The long and short of this story is that there is money in photography. You can make a great career out of it. The foundations of this career, however, must be solid skill combined with grit. You need to put your work out there for people to see it, receive feedback from them and improve up on this work. Regardless of the field of photography you opt for, this is often the sequence of growth. 


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