So, you’ve just installed resin flooring, but are worried about keeping it cleaned and maintained? Well, this is not as difficult. All you need is to sweep or vacuum these floors on a regular basis to keep them dust and dirt free. To remove grime, you can apply a wet cleaning process.

Don’t Rely On Mopping!

Mopping is not an effective way to keep resin flooring clean. If you opt for the mopping technique, you are choosing a cleaning method that will involve buffing or drying to remove dirty water marks or streaks. This might be acceptable in small areas such as laboratories but hardly feasible in large areas.

Wet Scrubbing & Vacuuming

The best way to clean resin flooring is mechanically scrub these floors using a diluted chemical cleaning solution followed by a wet vacuum to remove the soiled water. Effective wet scrubbing and vacuuming depend on three major factors:

1. Floor Type / Texture

The only factor that determines what sort of scrubbing action is needed is the type and texture of the resin flooring. If your resin floor is heavily textured, you’ll need to use a stiff-bristled brush, whereas scotch-brite type abrasive pads can be used for floors with lighter textures.

2. Size Of Area       

The size of the area determines what machinery is required to effectively clean your resin floors. A small area requires a stiff brush and a small and cheap wet vacuum whereas a large area may need a large ride-on machine with wet pick-up at the back and rotary brushes up front.

3. Soiling Type

Another factor that will determine what chemicals should be used is the type of soiling. For heavily soiled environments, the chemical should be given time to break down the grease or dirt prior to being removed.

Rinse and scrub the resin flooring again, followed by vacuum cleaning and dry. The choice of using pads or brushes will be determined by the degree of soiling.

 A variety of pads are available in the market for specific tasks


These pads are specific for heavy-duty stripping. They quickly remove the wax, dirt, sealers, and floor finish.


Light stripping and wet scrubbing. Green-colored pads thoroughly remove scuff marks and dirt.


Blue-colored pads are ideal for wet scrubbing or heavy-duty spray cleaning. They give resin flooring a thorough scrubbing.


Remove light dirt whilst offering a smooth shiny finish. This is a spray cleaning/buffing pad.


This dry polishing/buffing pad removes light dirt whilst shining resin floors. They are good to use in light-traffic areas.


White pads are used to polish dry resin flooring. They give a high gloss finish to the floor whilst removing dirt.

So, this is just a general guide. We advise you to always seek the manufacturer’s advice.

Even though reskin flooring can be cleaned DIY, always hire professionals for this task as they know what type of types of machinery and chemicals are suitable. So, never take a risk!

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