PLEXCONNECT, India’s leading plastic exhibition, is all set to expand the industry and export innovation in 2024. It will be spread over 20,000 square metres at the Bombay Exhibition Centre. The three-day exhibition will showcase more than 500 leading exporters from the country. They will present the best technologies and products to 25,000+ trade visitors. More than 100 countries will send 900 buyers for India’s best innovations. The event presents a marvellous investment opportunity for exporters to network and expand their reach into the global market. 

Investing in the Plastics Sector Through Exhibitions

The plastic industry in India is one of the most booming markets for plastic innovation and technologies, and investing in it through exhibitions impacts the global trade market. The investment opportunity includes using PLEXCONNECT 2024 and its various facilities. 

  • Exporters can use the pavilions to display their technologies and products so that all the visitors and buyers can witness the innovation of India’s plastic industry. 
  • The technical seminars held in the exhibition present new investment opportunities that both the exporters and buyers can utilise. 
  • The live machine demo section will help the visitors see how the technology is useful and the benefits of investing in them. 
  • People can also network with global decision-makers and use the opportunity to witness all the latest technology and products.
  • The PLEXCONNECT 2024 is an investment and trade show where everyone can benefit from each other and invest in ideas and prospects. 

PLEXCONCIL: The Organiser of the Best Plastic Investment Opportunity

PLEXCONCIL is the Plastics Export Promotion Council that organises the primary plastic exhibition in the country. Its exhibition boosts the Indian economy and plastic sector business by giving exhibitors and buyers a platform to share their technologies and innovations. 

You can find out more about PLEXCONNECT 2024 and its organizer at You can also learn when the event occurs and review the applications for Indian and international exhibitors, buyers, and visitor registration. 


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