Customs release times are generally difficult and frustrating. It generally revolves around consuming a bit more time than usual. The suppliers can be vigilantly vetted about, keeping complete compliance in mind. Making smarter decisions about packaging and shipping make the transit of the goods faster to the transit which follows up with wiser wait ahead. But, however complicated it looks, this wait can be well predicted and it is mentioned below.

How long will it take to clear?

When the process is visualized from outside, it looks quite simple that involves these steps:

  • The international goods which are incoming are directly sent to the Canada Border Services Agency or CBSA.
  • CBSA checks the paperwork and the visual inspection is then conducted.
  • The packages that are duty-free or meant for legal departures are released within no time, but the goods that have duty charges levied on them or require further inspection are detained.
  • In the next step, either the duty is levied or the shipment is rejected.

If the Canadian customs aren’t that busy, it generally takes 20 minutes for clearance. Once the goods are reaching the border, Clearit Canadian customs clearance services complete the B3 form fill-up where the data is then transmitted electronically. The CBSA receives the data and accordingly dispatches the goods. Sometimes, the goods, even with paperwork are pulled aside for further inspections or you might get lined behind other importers getting audited. Scenarios like these consume longer than 20 minutes. 

If the shipment, in any case, is withheld, it will be found stationed at a bonded warehouse getting reviewed by customs officials, once they find the time. Generally, this release happens by the noon consuming about 12-48 hours at the warehouse, totally depending on the traffic. The longest wait time can be seen if commercial goods with duties are imported during seasons of holidays. 

The Ultimate Rejection Delay

Customs releases are not always guaranteed.

  • Human errors can cause delays and rejections which can be corrected again.
  • Wrong tariff codes, goods with undervaluing, or shipping of prohibited goods might lead to permanent rejection of the shipments. The same will be returned to the supplier and a refund might be generated. 

It is very unfortunate to have the goods getting returned. But with proper protocols and paperwork, no hindrance will come on the way if the customs clearance brokers are well experienced. They will clear them always, just with a click. 

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