According to Erste-Hilfe Kurs München, subcooling (hypothermia) is a decrease in a person’s body temperature below the norm necessary to maintain normal metabolism.

The average human body temperature is 36.6C. Changes of this indicator to 30.0C and below lead to body cooling – hypothermia, which slows down the activity of all functional systems. Irreversible changes and clinical death can occur when the human body temperature drops to 30.0C, and at a body temperature of 24-25.0C death is inevitable. Prolonged exposure of the body to cold can lead to cooling, hypothermia, and frostbite.

As Erste Hilfe Kurs münchen moosach mentioned before, Subcooling is the process of the body temperature dropping to dangerous limits under the influence of cold.

First aid in case of hypothermia

  1. Take the victim into a warm room or wrap him/her up with warm clothing. 2.
  2. Do not rub the victim, let the body gradually warm up on its own.
  3. Give warm food and drink to the victim.

Frostbite is often accompanied by frostbite, which is damage and necrosis of body tissues under the influence of low temperatures. Frostbite is especially common in the fingers and toes, nose, and ears – parts of the body with a reduced blood supply.

Causes of frostbite, according to Erste Hilfe Kurs für führerschein – high humidity, frost, wind, immobility. Worsening the condition of the victim, as a rule, alcoholic intoxication.


  • Feeling of cold;
  • Tingling in the frostbitten part of the body;
  • Then numbness and loss of sensation.

First aid for frostbite

  1. Place the victim in a warm place.
  2. Remove frostbitten or wet clothing.
  3. Do not rub the victim with snow or cloth, you will only traumatize the skin.
  4. Wrap the frostbitten area of the body.
  5. Give the victim a hot, sweet drink or hot food.
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