Explore the Significance of Gold Mangalsutras in Maharashtrian Jewellery Tradition

Maharashtrian traditional gold jewellery is gaining fame all over the world. It is a perfect representation of the diverse history and vibrant tradition of Maharashtra. The exquisite designs, use of precious stones, and unique patterns make the latest gold jewellery designs more attractive. When a Marathi bride gets ready in the traditional gold jewellery of the state, it makes her look aesthetically stunning. 

Of all the traditional gold jewellery in Maharashtra, every Marathi woman has a special place in her heart for the mangalsutra. It is one of the most popular and uniquely designed ornaments, with profound cultural significance. 

Let us know more about the Maharashtrian mangalsutra design and the importance of wearing it. 

Maharashtrian Gold Mangalsutra 

In Indian culture, the mangalsutra is the symbol of marriage. During the wedding ceremony, the groom gives it to the bride. The groom tied it around the neck of the bride in front of the whole family while the priest chanted mantras. The Maharashtrian gold mangalsutra has a unique design compared to the mangalsutras of other religions. It has black and gold beads with two bowl-shaped pendants. The black beads are thought to shield the bride and groom’s relationship from bad luck in the community. The woman wears it after marriage to keep the couple happy. 

Cultural Importance

Let us understand why it is important for a woman to wear it all her life after marriage.

  • In Maharashtrian culture, it is believed that the two vatis in the mangalsutra are the representations of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva and Shakti share an unbreakable bond and the same is expected from the bride and groom after marriage. Therefore, it is essential in Maharashtrian culture to wear this mangalsutra design
  • In Maharashtrian culture, it is also essential to wear the mangalsutra until the husband is alive. The mangalsutra represents that the woman is married and should stay respectful in society. Also, wearing a mangalsutra enhances the bond between the two and makes it much stronger every day. Hence, it is a sacred thread that binds husband and wife on a lifelong journey of love, companionship, and mutual respect. 
  • It is also believed that the black beads in the gold mangalsutra ward off evil spirits and bring a good future for the couple. That means this sacred thread protects the family from all the negative energy that tries to enter their relationship. 
  • Other than religious and spiritual beliefs, mangalsutra made of gold offers various health benefits as well. The gold mangalsutra is worn underneath the inner garments to benefit from the healing power of gold. It is beneficial for the heart as it supports cardiac functioning by attracting cosmic waves from around. According to Ayurveda, it also helps balance blood pressure and acts as an immunity booster for the wearer. 


In conclusion, the mangalsutra has a unique place among all of Maharashtra’s traditional gold jewellery.  If you are planning to buy one, trust only top jewellers, like Waman Hari Pethe Sons, for authentic Maharashtrian jewellery designs and make an informed decision before investing in gold. 


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