Do you know your zodiac sign? I’m guessing you do. But do you know your dog’s zodiac sign? Maybe not.

Humans have studied the effects of astrology to understand their emotions and personalities for thousands of years. But, the importance of animal astrology is not to be overlooked. If you’ve ever wondered why two dogs of the same breed have such wildly different personalities, learning about pet astrology is for you.

Understanding your pet’s astrological sign will help you relate to, train, and have fun with them on a deeper level. By learning pet astrology, you can read their dog horoscope and understand how their moods change with the stars.

Astrology could be the key to understanding our non-verbal friends in a new way!

Read on for all the best tips about how to work out your pet’s personality based on their dog zodiac sign.

How to Work Out Your Pet’s Zodiac Sign 

If you know your pet’s birthday, lucky you, you can skip this step. Check out this guide that will help you translate the date into a zodiac sign.

But, many of us don’t know when our pets were born. Don’t worry; you can decode their dog zodiac sign based on their personality traits. Write a list of your pet’s traits and then match it to the traits of each zodiac sign below to make your informed choice about which zodiac sign they are likely to be.

Use this guide to astrology for beginners to build your knowledge of both human and animal astrology and see how you may relate best to your dog.

The Traits of Each Zodiac Sign in Animal Astrology

Aries – Fun-loving with boundless energy, this dog plays and loves with enthusiasm. An Aries dog will be impulsive and can be impatient.

Taurus – Your dog is likely to be a Taurus if they are quiet, affectionate, and patient. They often have a steady and strong-willed side to them.

Gemini – Gemini dogs are typically restless, agile, and alert. High functioning dogs that are often vocal but fiercely loving.

Cancer – Loyal, devoted, and gentle. Cancer dogs are loving friends but can be clingy.

Leo – Leo dogs are dominant; they’re happy and playful but also like everyone to know who’s boss!

Virgo – A Virgo dog is bright and happy but needs impeccable training as they are prone to falling into bad habits. Well-trained Virgo dogs are perfect for work in public services.

Libra – The social bee of the dog world. Libra dogs want to say hello to everyone. They are smart and love getting new toys.

Scorpio – Fiercely loyal and protective, but moody. The Scorpio dog is a dog of extremes. Train them well, and they will love and protect you always.

Sagittarius – Cheerful, adventurous, and great explorers! Always ready for a walk, but prone to running away. Keep a close eye on your Sagittarius dog.

Capricorn – If your dog likes stability, routine, and order, they are most likely a Capricorn. Capricorn dogs excel in water sports and love to be outside.

Aquarius – The quirky dog, they may have unusual habits and are fiercely independent. Keep a close eye on your Aquarius dog to make sure they don’t wander too far.

Pisces – Sweet and nurturing dogs, Pisces dogs love water and the outdoors. A Pisces dog will pick up on the energies of dogs and humans around them.

Learn More About Astrology Today! 

Now that you’ve identified your dog’s zodiac sign, you can begin reading their dog horoscope to understand how their mood might change with the stars. Why not let us know what zodiac sign your dog is?

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