There are a lot of talks when it comes to immigration concerns. We’ve heard about people trying their luck to apply for PR in Singapore, America, Canada, and other parts of the world. Immigrating is not just an innate pattern of our modern-day world. We’ve seen this deeply embedded in nature herself. Birds and animals migrate from one habitat to another in search of better ecology that provides a suitable condition for shelter, food and reproductive needs.

Why Do People Migrate?

Each person and family has their cause for migrating. There are a number of common reasons why people were motivated to migrate from one place to another at an international level. Here are a few of those:

For career or business opportunities

A number of people nowadays are choosing to migrate to another country because of business expansion or career opportunities. For example, some individuals may choose to file an application for PR in Singapore because the place requires highly-skilled workers and making a significant leap for bolstering career opportunities seems worth taking a risk.

Positive career and business opportunities often equate to better life and financial standing for the majority. Countries or places with high availability for a particular field of work or business usually draw more attention to immigration than risk staying with low-income people.

Refuge after being displaced

While some people choose to have a PR application in Singapore, Canada or Europe for work, others do it to escape conflict and violence. Millions of people are affected by natural calamities, violence and war. These factors are one of the driving reasons why families are displaced, leaving them no place to call home. It could be that the condition has become hostile for them to survive, or it can no longer provide them with a suitable condition to make a fruitful living.

The increasing number of refugees a country receives can be an alarming issue from an international humanitarian lens. It’s no wonder why refugees often receive help and aid from the international community in response to disasters and wars.

Family reunification

For others, family unity matters a lot. Appealing for a PR application in a country often indicates desiring a valuable living, and for others, the criteria are when they are with their child or family.

When an individual has the capability (financial-wise) to be together with their loved ones again, it becomes usual for some to decide to live with their family and provide financial and emotional support since it’s one of the most holistic needs for sustaining the unit. In other cases, either the individual will move to reunite, or the family gets to decide to immigrate to be with their loved one.

Quality education or better learning opportunities

For others, the bright future for their education lies overseas. It’s normal for students and parents to seek better education beyond what’s available in their country. It’s not surprising why some students choose to apply PR or migrate to other countries since the demand for quality learning rises for high-income family levels.

According to the University World News Report, India (1,133 students) is one of the sizable students emigrating overseas, followed by the Philippines (583), Sri Lanka (456), Bangladesh (364), and Nepal (174). Canada is the number one choice for students, with 39% per cent of the majority of respondents, followed by US & UK—which ties at 17%, Australia behind at 16% and New Zealand at 4%.

To seek superior quality facilities

For high-level income families, access to a metropolitan-wide hub of cosmetics and healthcare facilities is the driving factor for immigration and application for PR. Fully-equipped facilitated countries draw attention, specifically to people suffering from chronic conditions. Medical assistance and treatment can be easier to access instead of constant air or sea travel.

What’s The Deal With Migrating To Singapore?


Singapore—is one of the most renowned booming nations over the past decade. Innovative startup companies are thriving, high-form education programs that are suitable and a hub for superior healthcare facilities qualifies it among the top choice for people aspiring to travel and live abroad. The Singapore PR requirements aren’t all that demanding, but many are still struggling to get their approval as the growth of PR application in Singapore increases.

According to the Strait Times article, at least 31 700 people have been given approval for PR status annually for the past five years. With Singapore in a stable position for sustainable growth in the coming years, it’s not surprising to witness steady growth of immigrants seeking PR application approval. For this reason, economic reasons are the primary driving factor for triggering emigration among diversified groups of individuals internationally.

The image and perception of a strong economy continue as one of the most pillar facets for driving attraction for immigration causes. The strategic geography and provision of quality education and healthcare facilities further warrant emigration motives among individuals cementing its contending spot in Southeast Asia. Countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, China and Malaysia are the primary source of immigrants coming to Singapore.

Other Factors For Immigrating To Singapore

Here are a few other possible reasons why a number of people are motivated to apply for PR in Singapore:

Standard of living

Singapore is in a position of a prosperous modern economy in Southeast Asia—the condition within allows for a high quality of life. The higher the quality of life, the more it appeals to immigrants abroad. The more it appeals, the higher the figures willing to apply for PR application. A high standard of living entails the image it offers for individuals appealing to the Western lifestyle, which can amplify their living.

Expatriate culture

Singapore is well-represented in the international body as a multicultural nation. It paints Singapore as a country that opens its arms to welcome more diverse individuals where foreign nations are their roots, especially in the SEA and South Asia region.

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