Wakatobi Regency is one of the regions in Southeast Sulawesi Province that is increasing currently. This area has become one of the popular tourist destinations in Indonesia because it presents spectacular underwater beauty. No doubt, many tourists visit here to witness firsthand the beauty of the typical coral reefs of this archipelago.

Vacations to Wakatobi, not a few tourists who come to explore the underwater beauty. Many diving lovers indeed visit Wakatobi National Park. The reason, the beauty of the sea is very eiretrip Spain beautiful and stunning. Wakatobi has at least 40 diving spots spread across four main islands. However, among the 40 spots, four main spots are called the best.

Wakatobi has been included in the UNESCO cultural heritage because it has several interesting snorkeling spots worth trying. For those who like to dive, don’t let you miss some of the following snorkeling attractions in Wakatobi.

  1. Sombu Beach

Sombu Beach is one of the diving spots in Wakatobi, which is located on Wangi-Wangi Island, precisely in the north of this island. Sombu Beach can be reached in 20 minutes from the center of Wangi Wangi District and 30 minutes from Matahora Airport.

This beach has a stunning underwater natural beauty with a variety of colorful coral reefs. In addition, visitors who want to snorkel just walk straight from the pier are immediately greeted with a panoramic view of clear water with coral reefs and extraordinary marine life.

  1. Onemohute

Still, on Wangi-Wangi Island, there is another cool snorkeling spot that must be visited called Onemohute. This place is near the center of Wangi Wangi District, whose waters are between Wangi Wangi Island and Kapota Island.

The underwater scenery presented here is still very natural and offers colorful coral reefs and other beautiful marine life. In addition, visitors can also see various other marine animals, such as dolphins.

  1. Hoga Island

One of the other exciting snorkeling spots in Wakatobi is Hoga Island which is included in the administration of Ambeua Raya Village, Kadelupa District. To go to this island, several boats are rented from the pier at Wanci, Wangi-Wangi Island. On this island, there are also various homestay facilities for visitors.

The charm of the sea around this small island is amazing with very clear water. Not only that, but various coral reefs can also be seen here and, of course, with various species of colorful marine fish.

  1. Tomia Island

Turning to the south of Wakatobi Regency, Tomia Island is divided into two sub-districts, namely East Tomia District and Tomia Induk. This island is quite wide and has hills that present cool natural views.

Besides that, what is famous about this island is its underwater panorama with clear water and filled with coral reefs. Visitors who are snorkeling can, of course also interact with the small fish that are here.

  1. Binongko Island

Towards the southeastern tip of Wakatobi Regency, Binongko Island is one of the big islands in Wakatobi. However, because of its location at the outermost tip of Wakatobi, it takes 5-6 hours to get to this island from Wangi-Wangi Island.

This island’s charm is amazing, with amazing underwater scenery accompanied by marine life and fantastic coral reefs. But not only that, but this island also has various historical tours of the former Binongko Kingdom.

Well, that’s a series of cool snorkeling spots in Wakatobi Regency, one of the world’s best diving spots. For those of you who are planning a vacation to Wakatobi, then you have to try these spots. Before you plan a trip to Wakatobi, be sure to read more about Wakatobi and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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