Epoxy flooring is one of the hot ticket items in the garage, basement, and high traffic areas. When there are lots of little feet tracking across your floor the way to go is with epoxy flooring since it offers a huge amount of durability without sacrificing aesthetics in your home.

Finding an epoxy floor company near you can be a challenge, but doing your research and finding a great team is what sets your floor apart. There are a few key reasons to turn from hardwood, tile, or carpet to epoxy.

Overall Durability

Concrete can end up being brittle over time and when it comes to your garage floor, nothing compares to the strength of epoxy. Every epoxy flooring material is made of heavy-duty polymers that end up being impact-resistant. The days of dropping your tools on a concrete floor and a chip coming away are over when you opt for an epoxy floor.

Environmentally Friendly

Everyone has a part to play when it comes to helping heal the environment and one small way you can make a better impact on the environment is by switching over to epoxy flooring. There are no volatile organic compounds in epoxy flooring that end up emitting gases into the environment when they’re mixed up and poured. Epoxy floors also reflect light more than cement or other flooring types and can end up saving you money on your light bill.


The “seamless” part of epoxy flooring really comes in when it’s installed. Epoxy is poured in a continuous stream so there are no cracks or crevices in the overall floor. This leaves no indents to trip over or holes that might get missed in the process. The way epoxy flooring is designed also gives it a bit of a bounce making it better for your back, legs, and knees when you’re standing on it for long periods of time. Epoxy is slip-proof, so even on the coldest days, you’ll be able to walk with confidence across your floor.


Your garage might not be the center of your home, but it should still look good! Concrete has a tendency to get a brittle, chip, and end up looking rough in a short amount of time. Epoxy floors offer a wide range of colors and mix-ins that give you a unique look for your flooring without all the effort and cost involved in concrete coloring or stamping.


With many different kinds of flooring, you need to tear out the old before installing the new and that’s where much of your cost comes into play. Epoxy flooring can be poured directly over the old concrete floor saving you time and effort! There’s also no special training needed to pour epoxy flooring so you can do it yourself without hiring a whole team. Once you get your epoxy poured through you won’t need to replace it for years, saving money on installation and upkeep.


One of the best ways for both durability and overall aesthetics is by investing in epoxy flooring! This cost-effective, durable, and creative way to upgrade your garage is simple and allows you to choose your own way forward. Visit garagefloorcoatingofnashville.com for the best epoxy flooring services.

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