There’s no wonder how mobile apps have become an integral part of businesses to launch their product and services. It’s the mobile app gaining more visibility, engagement, and sales compared to the desktop website version. The Google Analytics insights for businesses convey that 95% of the visitors are from mobile devices surfing personalized results. That’s how the digital world has grown over years. 

However, having an app isn’t enough to grow digitally. Several reports convey that only 32 percent of users return to an app 11 times or more after downloading it. Also, 25 percent of users uninstall an app just after one use. Metrics such as active users, downloads, time spent, user navigation to landing pages, leads, and conversion are important to track.   

Businesses use multiple tactics to engage a user on their apps. They’re like push notifications, customized app offers, app SMS marketing, etc.  Also, app engagement software helps a lot to fetch a steep rise in the engagement metrics. If you have a high-quality App with proper functionality, then you can employ several techniques to achieve high app engagement.  

Welcome Emails: 

Shoot a welcome email to the user who downloaded your app. It’s an opportunity to build a genuine relationship. 

Offer Freebies: 

Users are likely to click and download any app when offered freebies. Offer discount coupon codes, free products, and cashback to engage. 

Two- way Communication: Respond to the comments or answer queries on time to engage with customers.  

 Personalized Search: Mobile search means personalized results. Users are more likely to engage with apps when they will deliver what a user wants. 

Gamification:  It makes your app fun-loving and enjoyable for the users to engage in. 

Make users stick to your app via Apxor services. We engage customers on your app at the right moment.  

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